Thursday, March 12, 2015

I Got The Fever

What fever?
The boogie? The flu? The dance?

Nope. Nope and NOPE!

I got the DENGUE FEVER!!

Yeap, just got out of the hospital today! Admitted on the 6th March amd got out today, on the 12th March..
Tell you what, if you're as fat and heavy as me, doctors put you in the HDU because you have extra potential for fatality and complications.
For example:- I get Dengue-Induced- Hepatitis..

It ain't pretty or comfy.. everything going through my throat feels like alcohol to my liver.. urgghh..

Dengue fever is happening again in USJ 4.. So far, theres been 12 cases in the past 2 weeks including mine, here in USJ 4..
I cleaned my room, my backyard (ish) and my front lawn(ish) ** FYI the ish is for the terms I  used to describe the front and back area of my house.

I'm sure the USJ 4 community meeting this weekend is about the dengue fever cases piling up.
Hopefully they decide to have a GOTONG ROYONG to help minimalize the amount of future cases.

Good Night,
Sweet Dreams,

Thursday, September 25, 2014

A slight lapse

Nope, thinking of all those things is not considered depression.. It's fine :) 

It's just a slight lapse.. I don't like it just because he's stopped dating me, and everything else has come crashing down on me.. It's not a reason for suicide.. I'm not depressed.. Just slightly sad.. 

Crying is not a solution either.. So, live life happily! :) 

Amy Ramli :)

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Should Not Be Allowed To Live

My heart was ripped out before numerous times.. And was shattered countless times.. And this time it's happened again.. All the pieces this time are dust.. I can pile it up and put it into a plastic heart but it doesn't work that way.. 

This time it's over.. I can feel it.. It's not just another of our break ups.. It's a the end kind of feeling.. I pushed him too far I guess.. He doesn't want anything to do with me now.. 

I'm sorry I was in your life.. All I did was mess it up.. You didn't need me.. I made your life a mess.. Before you met me, your life was great.. After you met me, it's like a cloud of bad luck after another.. I guess I was selfish.. You made me so happy, I was reluctant to let you go.. But I need to think of you now.. I don't need to be happy, as long as you're happy, alive and well. That's good enough for me.. 

My friends hate me too.. I mean, who wouldn't? I'm lazy, fat, ugly, stupid and I always, always, always burden other people.. Maybe I shouldn't be allowed to be friends with other people.. It's not right.. I.. I'm meant to live alone.. And die alone.. 

Yeah.. That sounds like me doesn't it? I'm not depressed.. I'm just a sad pathetic girl.. 

My family.. Ahh yes.. The world to me.. Whom I disappointed sooo many times it's like I belong in HELL.. My sister must be ashamed to have someone as fat and ugly as me as a sister.. My brother! He doesn't need a big fat ugly sister to nose around his life.. My parents.. The ones who in let down the most.. I'm the most disappointing daughter they could ask for.. I shouldn't be allowed to live.. 

Clock is ticking..
Time is running..
Knife, rope, building, deep water, car crash.. 
Choice is mine..

Amy Ramli
heartbroken but no worries it'll be over soon right?

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Disappointment seen in their eyes.

Well, I showed my parents my results.. Well, I only told my mom.. My dad got the news from my mom.

Starting in the afternoon today, my mom has been questioning me where are my results. Have I seen it? Go check it! Have you checked it yet? and then at the end she finally screamed at me demanding me to check it infront of her. I of course expected the worse..

And.. I was right.. Law, my worse nightmare and the best offence for studies.. I unfortunately have the worst defense against it.. My mom's reaction was devastating for me to hear and look.. Her voice is full of disappointment.. Her face looks like she's going to disown me.. I just can't.. My tears streamed my face as soon as she left..

My mom wouldn't talk to me.. Even when she did talk to me, she wouldn't look at me. I went on the phone and called my cousin, my boyfriend, my friends.. I asked for advice, and I asked for a listening ear.. I'm glad they helped me out.. But now..

I need to face this scary moment.. i have a feeling my parents will do that to me for a few weeks or even until I get back to Segamat.. I'll expect this.. I might expect to be kicked out. But that might be dramatic of me.
My parents won't kick me out for bad grades right? :/

Well, if my mom won't talk to me or even face me.. I guess my dad won't do it too.. I.. I.. I hope I won't relapse into depression again..

Too distraught,

Friday, May 16, 2014

Online Delivery System

Hmm.. I love ordering food in the middle of the night.. The problem with that is that most of the time, I don't have a lot of cash on hand and also that fast food companies that offer online payment don't deliver in the middle of the night, at most the latest they deliver is at 11.30pm..

3 of my favourite places to order food are

 Obviously a person like me (Fat like me of course XD) LOVES McDonalds.. And I have the unfortunate habit of eating in the middle of the night.. And of course, They deliver 24/7.. HOWEVER.. I'm not really into holding a lot of money at a time.. So, I would really really really love it;; If they have the option of online payment.. Via credit card, maybank2u and Paypal just like the online payment options of my 2nd favourite online delivery fast food service......

Of course.. Those who don't love pizza are just weird.. Now this is what I like.. The option of online payment.. Credit Card, Maybank2u and PayPal :3 Lovely.. :D However, there's a downside.. They only deliver during the 12 hour window of 11am-11.30pm.. Sighs.. XD but thats okay.. I'm still glad I can order online. :)

There is the debate which pizza is awesome.. Pizza Hut VS....

Yeap.. I like to buy pizza hut and dominos.. XD Weird right? Still not as weird as those who don't like pizza, XD.. Anyways..... This particular website, offers online payment but!! Only for citibank card holders.. Also, the same problem as pizza hut, 12 -14 hour window of delivery starting at 10am- 11 pm...

Well, Only call delivery exists and only orders after 11am and before 10pm.. Sighs.. Please improve! :)

Thats all,
Amy Ramli

Monday, April 21, 2014

I know the truth

I know the truth..
We think we are independent..
We think we are grown ups..
We think we are invincible..

I know the truth.
That smile on your face
That laughter you embrace
Is a lie you hold so dear..

The truth is
We are not completely independent, no..
We are not growns up yet, no
We are not invincible, no

We need our parents. For love and support
We are children, no matter how old we are
We hurt inside no matter how high our shields are
I know the truth.

Do you?

Written on 21/4/2014, 2.01 am
Amy Ramli

Thursday, April 17, 2014

How Did I Mess This Up?

Today was an amazing day..
But of course I had to mess this up..

Amy Ramli

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Girl Fight!

Well technical term is cat fight.. but nothing happened.. the existence of wechat, the social media app that also offers status update option called "Moments"

Honestly so many things can be uploaded on here its basically another app like Facebook but since Facebook is less popular, its popularity is now rising. 

Anyways.. I'm basically having some problems with current friends. Girls obviously.. I have less of these problems with boys. It's currently a bit distracting since it's now right before my last paper for my finals of the 5th sem. Roommates troubles.. huh.. 3 semesters of this happening.. Might be something to do with me. pr maybe it's just my usual bad luck. Sometimes I think it's definitely the former.. 

Ahh~ anyways.. Roommates.. problem with fighting with the people you sleep with in the same room is not exactly a smart idea.. apart from the awkwardness.. The possibility of nightly revenge is pretty high.. Sighs.. Unfortunately for the same sad reason, i have to stay up pretty late to watch out.. Aside from not talking to each other, being civil to each other is pretty useless if the other person is going to update crap about you on any social media.. There are so many ways to handle this situation but as usual, being human., avoiding confrontation is number one priority. Basically, until the other person starts to cross the line, confrontation time baby! 

Until someone crosses the line, Just calm down no matter how much it bugs you.. 

I used pretty sophisticated words that I have no idea if its true! Haha! 

Example 1: 

Sometimes, you needn't to say, for those who did wrong will feel wrong for no reason.. In characteristics to the undecided reaction of a resident of this common space, I unexpectedly stroked a live nerve from an expression of internal motion with phonetic conversions used from the ancient times.. They also lined the perfect words "One who bit the chili will taste the spiciness"

Example 2:

Hohumm.. Expression of internal motion is contradicted by the unbearable kindred motion of oral fixation that promotes unsound minds.. Very innovative and cliched.. This shall be a most enticing eve..

Those are the words I use, that apparently caused some ruckus.. One of them kept calling me a type of garden weed that will bend following the wind. In Malay, its called "Lalang." The word in English seems to escape me. Owh well.. Anyways.., I'm actually surprised they managed to understand it.. It took a while for others to get it.. Haha.. Even I had trouble trying to write those words up.. Owh well.. 

Apparently one of the girls are so pissed off that talking to me seems to be a trying task.. I still don't understand why they're the one who got pissed when I was the one who has the right to get pissed.. It's still an ongoing investigation.. They were the ones posting mean things about me too.. Hohumm...

Good Night all,
Still cautious and suspicious,
Amy Ramli