Thursday, March 29, 2012

Scream Fest

I came home to have a relaxing and enjoyable semester break.. Not to hear a fucking SCREAM FEST... I rather stay in my dorms and never return home.. I want to go back to UiTM..


 Maybe in your eyes.. I fucking look like a SCREAM DOLL to you.. Maybe a LIFELESS MANNEQUIN you know?
Ones that don't have FEELINGS and a mouth to talk back?
Nice to know I can leave the comforts of my room back in my uni and come home to experience hell once again..

My room  is now my home sweet home.. Not my house..


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I don't understand

I don't get it..
Back when I was filling in forms for UPU and doing stuff around and about for UiTM, up to the day before i leave for Segamat, I had to do everything myself..
When I ask for my parents for help, I ask them to take something for me, they won't do it..

I quote, "Your application, your problem.."

Then, when I ask them to print something, they FORGOT, this was the day before I leave for UiTM
and that printing thing was essential for UiTM..

But, when I forgot that I'm supposed to call the organization in charge of the applications to ask something about the application for my brother, I got the lecture on 'How I was supposed to help my brother because there is no one else to help him but me..'

Right.. soo.. When I asked for help, you guys said this and that.. and you guys forgot to do what I need.. But when it comes to my brother, you asked me to do stuff for him, you print stuff without him asking you to and you pick up applications for him without him asking you to..

I'm beginning to feel like its unfair, and maybe, whether I get into university wasn't very important for you.. Thats why you guys won't help me or do stuff for me.. But, when my brother needs to be sent off to college, I do everything?

Nice to know I mean so little.. Thanks.. Thanks a lot..

P/S: You know, I would gladly help him if he does this on his own and he asks for my help..

I just don't understand,

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