Friday, January 6, 2012

1 week hols:D

I’m on a bus to go back home right now with my friends zatie and syafiq J
My first time on a long bus trip to go home J I think i like it.. Although my friend, Zatie, threw up... because we were watching Leverage on my laptop as we leave.. XD not ecaxtly a good idea as an activity on a bus going through a bumpy road.. XD Too bad XD

Anyways right now I just passed through a toll I have no idea which one...  When I reach home, I wanna eat what mommy cooked :D And call Fahmi.. Apparently, the phrase Abscence/Distance makes the heart grow fonder is true XD he misses me a lot.. Alhamdulillah XD he loves me alright :p I miss a lot of things in subang!

 And just so all of you know, This is my first time coming home since 16th November 2011, the day I entered UITM Segamat, Johor..
 Soo SUCK IT! To those who said I won’t survive in UiTM! :p
I made it just fine :P

Thats about it,
Love Always,
Amy Ramli