Saturday, January 29, 2011

You're on your own now

Sometimes things aren't always what they seem,
Sometimes smiles aren't always genuine,
Sometimes love aren't always true,
But you just don't know whats in it for you.. Ooohh~
If I let you know how hurt I really am,
I doubt anyone would actually mind,
It hurts soo much right now
My heart is broken yet i can only utter a silent ouch
Coz really.. I know nobody knows how to care...

Yr on yr own now~

Amy Ramli

Saturday, January 8, 2011

January 2011

Well, I missed the new year blog post..
Not my fault I was hanging out with one of my bff from Australia, Jazz and her cutie pie sis Mal...

29th Dec 2010 - 1st Jan 2011

Though Fun times happen..

I'm disappointed with their behaviors in public
Far more disappointed in them for not considering my feelings and others who hang out with them.
I mean, okay.. Siblings fights..
Who doesn't?
BUT, they should at least tone it down when several people are around..
I myself don't know who I'm more disappointed on..
The younger sister or my bestie..

When they fight, I try to get out of the way or get a few feet away..

When they fight, hell breaks loose..
To Jazz, Mal annoys her to death..
To Mal, Jazz is too sensitive to poke around with...

I understand whoever walks as much as I do and not use to it..
Can get cramps, feet ache and etc..

However, it doesn't give you the permission to shout to each other in public...

Disappointment is pretty much the way to say it..



My friend who is with us at the mo..
Looks at Jazz in somehow curious and pity look..
but voiced out her opinion otherwise..
She's rather cranky.. Having pms?
I look at her and apologized for their behavior..

She said it was fine..
But it was obvious..
Damage has been done..
I smiled apologetically and head over to my bff who is sitting on the bench with her hands on her face.. *sighs* crying...

I hugged her, assured her that it's alright.. And asked her to tell me the truth and tell me whats wrong
She told me she didn't want to go to KLCC and didn't want me to be upset... And her feet hurts like hell and she needs to go home..


Went to Isetan and have a look at big sized stylish shoes.. TOTAL AWESOMENESS!!!
I otw out, I saw this totally TALL but HOTT woman..
I feel sooo short next to her.. darn.. xD
Next, we all went to the cinema to watch.. 'The Tourist' It was the premiere on that day... So pretty much its full.. :D

We got the tickets anyway. Thing is, after jazz's feet ache.. We decide not to go.. but owh well... the fun part is... I kinda gave the tickets for free xD.. That was fun! :D

That was fun as well... It was new year's eve and we went to summit to shop.. But we didn't do much.. Bowling with MFE and them... I shopped for a T-shirt for My Baby Sis and a belt for My Bro.. thats bout it.. They bought shoes, tights and etc.. XD
Then we went for KFC and such Then we bought loads of DVDs! omg!! xD


It's on a Saturday
You know what that means.... FLEA MARKET!!!!!! OMG!!!!!
Yes, omg bcoz I bought loads of necklaces, earrings and bracelets.. all for a total of under RM50 im like!!(I bought like 3 necklaces, 4 earrings and 2 bracelets) WOAH!!! :D

They shopped for bags, earrings, necklaces, shirts and other stuff.. Way more.. and they're going again there with theor dad the next day... I'm like... WOOHOOO!!! Thats it for now...

Truth is, I never hate them,
They just made me uncomfortable
But fun times replaced those bitter memories
I love them both..

Total Loves from
Amy Ramli