Friday, December 9, 2011

UiTM Life

Soo I have been completely busy with there for almost 3 weeks..
My mom won't stop calling me and it's getting super annoying.. and she won't stop complaining that I don't pick up her calls and answer her text..
1. I'm busy.
2. I don't want her telling my uncles and aunts that I always pick up her calls and answer her text.
3. I don't want my uncles and aunts to say that I'm a spoiled child who can't live without my parents.

I have a life too and it's like she doesn't understand that I'm a busy student.. Even now as I'm typing on this blog, I'm also finishing my slide show assignment.. urgghhh... anyways I'm going to turn this around and make it a positive situation :)

My cousin's wedding is coming up next week and I'm going to go to Negeri Sembilan on the 16th and become her photographer again.. >_>
and then on the 23rd or 24th of Dec I'm going to go back to Subang Jaya with Dzul and Syafiq.. :)

Reason why University life rocks :
1. There are no parents to boss you around.
I'll think of others as I post more :)

Loves from,
 Amy Ramli

I'm Surviving on My Own

I've been in UiTM for almost a month now.. Not even once have I ever said I want to go home.. So, IN YOUR FACE! Those people who said I can't live a week without my parents.. I'm not missing anyone here.. I have friends who support me and help me.. Alhamdulillah..

I'm surviving here and even if you can't see, I'm flipping my middle finger to you assholes/bitches who said I won't survive.. soo FUCK YOU!

University Life ROCKS!

Amy Ramli