Monday, July 27, 2009

Expected but surprising in a bad way

I have known it for soo long
And now my suspiscions have been proven right
I know he's been going out with her..
His phone is filled with her pictures..

At first I don't believe this
Until I've seen it with my own eyes..
I read his messages and I checked his phone
Its filled with her calls and sms'es

But no matter how I want to hate & kill him
No matter how hard I beg to differ
I can do nothing...
For he is my father...

Friday, July 24, 2009

Surprise Surprise

Once I got back from my piano class, I asked my mom to dropped me off in school... Stayed there once i went to see my KRS juniors and also entered class because I noticed that it is completely a HAZARDOUS zone!!! YES my 4T claSsMAteS.... Everything looked like a wild pig had been released in class... Tables have fallen on the floor, books spreaded from the teachers table till Yong Jing Ying's place... Damn its was hazardous... Well I stayed in school after cleaning up and locking up the class until 6.02 pm..

Then when I arrived home which took me about 8 minutes twice as long as usual bcoz I was admiring the sky..(I know.. It's weird but hey.. Im poetic.. XD) When I actually arrived home, in 2 minutes I decided its too dull at home and I'll end up sleeping..
So, I changed my jeans to a pair of trackbottoms not bothering to change my shirt coz its a school shirt anyway and I started off to the USJ 4 park.. it took me a bit longer than usual because Im still traumatized from my car accident last year... I was too afraid to cross the road.. I guess its time to leave out my fears....

I sat on a park bench waiting for my frenz..
I looked at the time its around 6.25 pm...
Hoping somehow he'll turn up
and surprise me from behind

Listen to music and looked at the time again..
Realising its already half past 6
Saw my aunt, 2 of my elder cousins and one of my youngest cousins
Waved and say Im waiting for some frenz..

I looked again at the time its 6.45pm
I decide that its time to jog...

I wrote this on my phone when I was about to go to jog... Haha... I waited for my frenz for soo long.. Then I started to jog.. Haha... 2 rounds jog, then I saw my frenz... I jogged 1 round with them... Then they have to go.. I know... Its just when they arrived, its 6.53 and then they left at 7.. Soo i jogged and played badminton till 7.15... My aunt gave me a ride home since my house is less than 10 mins away from theirs by car... hee=)

But wait!!
Before I walked to the car, I saw Azwan and Sheila!! They asked whether Im still in school coz they said I was invisible.. Lolz... They haven't seen me in a while.. XD.. And they surprised me with one question...


Sheila and Azwan: Hey.. Where have you been? Are you still in or school?
Amy: Of course I am.. Haha..
Azwan and Sheila: Well.. U have been missing from both our eyes.. Haha..
Amy: Lolz... Thats probably because I've been really busy...
Azwan and Sheila: hmm.. yeah probably that lol... Hey we heard that You're with ----- Is it true?
-took a long breathe and looked stunned because it was a surprising question-
Amy: Umm.. Huh?? I don't know....
Azwan&Sheila: OMG.. its true..
Azwan: Since when?
Amy: What? I mean.. No! I mean.. Uhh.. Where'd u guys heard this rumour?
Sheila: Lets put it this way okay
Azwan: There a lot of big mouths in Form 5..
Sheila: And the story had passed through our ears
Azwan: And now we're asking u if its true..
Amy: Well.. My answer is no comment... Lolz...

-Thats the end of the conv that I want 2 write about... If I wrote more.. I'll be exhausted.. Haha..Well.. 2morrow is IU day... and KRS Day.. Haha.. Speaking of KRS.. I had remembered an incident haha.... A very funny story.. A classmate of mine had noticed my sudden very close friendship with a senior... Then she asked me "Does he like you?" I shook my head "He likes someone else that I know..." She asked me one more question "Hmm.. Well, what if he does like you.. And he asked you to be his girlfriend.. What will u do?". Again, (These questions had become very popular lately for some reason...) I was stunned.. This? I have never expected this kind of question... Wow... "Umm.. Madu.. That is kinda an awkward and very weird question.. I honestlly don't know what to say..." Madu is my classmate's nickname.. At least my nickname for her... Madu asked back.. "But, what if he does ask you..." I replied... "I'll see first.. If I have a boyfriend that time... I will turn him down.. but gently.. But if I'm single at that time and not expecting anyone, I'll just answer that we should go on dates first to see if it works.. Im positive it won't work though... Because we're like best frenz... " She nodded her head and continued to finish up her work... That question got me thinking though.. Do I like him that way?(i thought about it again and again and the answer is no) Because I Love HIM... Life gets weirder everytime... Owh well...

Life is never empty from weirdness, confusion, love, hate, jealousy, ego,
sadness, happiness, peace, war, questions, answers, the living, the dead, history, kindness and meanness.. It'a what makes the world go round.. But we can't stop
hoping if the world is such a peaceful, safe and better place...

Hush Hush peeps,
The Happy and Loved,
Amy Ramli<3mfe

Sunday, July 19, 2009

I am now.. A soul with no joy

They had the decision already... "SEBULAT SUARA" they said.. Throw the cat out..
I know you won't understand these words.. I don't think you even read this thing at the com...
Please forgive me.. God.. Please forgive me.. I tried everything I could to talk them out of kicking Saraphina out... I am now a living person but without a soul now...

I shall now see the world as a cruel place and also I will see them as people who doesn't listen to my decision... Let me Die Now... Just Let Me Die Now...

Depression is now my friend,
The Depressed and Hated,
Amy Ramli htes her prnts,
Amy Ramli

Saraphina... :'(

My mom want to throw our cat out... Because Saraphina had peed and shit at the place where we put our old cloths...
She's only a month.. She doesn't any better okay???
A HUMAN CHILD at that age also did so...


You want to throw it out at a place.. We don't know where.. but the poor kitten is probably going to get run over...
If not, Its going to be a stray cat at some restaurant... and we won't recognize it bcoz it was starving and looks soo damn thin and dirty... I don't want to lose her.. I don't want her to die... No!!! Mom... We bathe her... We clean her... We tried to make sure the place she stayed is clean.. and You want to throw her out.. Why are you soo cruel to us??!!

Mom... I don't want Saraphina to go!!! I Love Her!!

This is her when she first came to our house.. We found her hiding at the pandan plant we had

This is her 2 weeks ago

Give her 2 more chances.. We'll try to make her learn... Please....I want to keep her... :'(

Cook and Splash!!!

Yea people! KRS of SMK USJ 4 spiced things up on Saturday,19th of July 2009..

Yea I have to admit we picked the wrong time because the Leo's I.U. Day is on that day as well.. But believe me! It was sooo fun!!! First, we did our W.U.M (Wake-Up March) [I skipped this one because I went to fill up the balloons with the guys by the guys toilet.. Hey!! No choice! Its the closest to Foyer B] Its definitely awesome!!! Yea of course I have to leave them to go take attendance and I'm kind of surprised that Ganesha, the MIA AJK of KRS since the start of the year, was there...

Late of course.. No surprise there.. Lolz!! Then.. The activity should have start at 8.30 am.. But with late arrivals and filling up of balloons we started at 9.10 am.. But hey.. With all the cooking materials we got from everyone... I think yea ... Es questo normale... Heh...

The thing is, the balloon fight is supposed to be before the cooking activity starts but yea.. We had to postpone it... Thank to CERTAIN PEOPLE who woke up late.... Heh heh...

Well.. on goes the cooking session.. I took some pics for this one.. But Im not going to post them yet... I need to print it out as soon as I got new ink carts.. :) Daddy!!! Lets go to Plaza Lowyat!!! Okay... B-tripple T.... I took some pics and then helped get some dried leaves to get the fire starting and my job is also to clean the utensils used.. (To tell u the truth, cooking isn't exactly my most fav thing to do in the world.. I like to cook but... not all the time.. hehe=).... ) Then when Im not really busy, I went to fill out more balloons with water... And then... Azim, laughed and showed up the balloons that a PERSON had bought up for the game.... he asked" Weiyh!!! sape yg bawak condom niehh!!!" The balloons are small soo he thought that It was condoms... Hha!!!

After cooking and all.. Its time for us to eat the food that we cook.. and all of us complimented on whuever did the cooking... Haha....


We laid out 3 rules...
1. Stay away from the bags.
2. Handphones, Cameras, MP3/MP4, Ipod, Wallets, and any other stuff in the pockets must be taken out in the next 30 seconds after this short briefing before the game... 3. Everyone MUST GET WET!!!

Sure enough, everyone sprinted to their bags and kept their belongings in the safest place..
And the game is on... GUYS VS GIRLS
Ali had told us the guys strategies.. haha... Soo we immediately threw the balloons at them.. then we when we're out of ballons.. I grabbed a mess tin and since the pail is still full of water... I dunked it in and threw it at the guys before they knew what was coming.. Ali was the first to kena haha!!! SorryAli.. U backstab others.. Others may backstab u back though its not the same person you backstabbed on.. Hehe... And then.. when we're out.. The guys grabbed the pail and planned on revenge... haha... ali started swinging the pail around and the water hit all of us.. There's still water in the pail.. So Wawa grabbed it... But Ali got her wet and she lost her grip on it.. Im the other person who is holding on the pail... He tried to drench me.. I'm to quick and when he lost his focus for a while.. I turn the pail upside down.. on him... Haha.. HE GOT SOAKED!!! Then the game is over... :) Its an amazing day... Sighs.. Wish I could live yesterday again for just once.. :)

Amazing Day,
The Happy and The tired-of-typing,
Amy Ramli<3mfe

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Crying in front of the computer

I cried,
And this time,
Its not just him or just her who had me crying
Its a whole lot..
Form 5's of 2009..

They got me cryin hard
They are leaving me in just a matter of months..
I had just realized this..
During the party this morning

I looked him in the eyes, he smiles and a flash of sadness flickers there.. He doesn't know it but I saw it... I looked at the other seniors' face the same shows... Especially the President, Tania Lim... She looks like she wants to cry when I listen to her give a small speech..

I looked up into the horizon when I got out of the room after the party ends
I think about what I should have done in there
I should have sung
I should have performed
But I was waiting for someone else to get ahead of me..
Then soon, they forgot I was supposed to perform..

I was disappointed...

But relieved, my heart doesn't have to go 'bup-de-dup-de-dup-de-dup' in one second
But I regret it.. Seeing most of my friends want to see me perform but they forgot...
And I also regret not doing something for them.. One last time in a librarians event before they leave this place...

I cried in front of the computer
This time wondering
Will they keep in touch with me?
Will they ignore me someday?

Will He keep his promise to me
Will She remember my name
Will he still love me
Will she promise me not to forget our first meeting

I cried in front of the computer wondering if the time is right
For me to say that
I Love You Soo Much
Again I wonder if the time is right..
For me to say goodnight

Because these darn tears have blinded my eyes and I can see not much now.. I am now going to say that I feel sleepy of these tears... Also Im going to say goodnight.. Now, At This Moment, I wish you Happy Dreams..

Gnite Peeps,
The Sad and Loving Someone,
Amy Ramli<3mfe

Monday, July 13, 2009

Sighs.. If Only U know...



Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I'm Back!!!

I'm back and I m definitely LOVING IT!!!
Nobody can stop me from loving this life... BTW 2 people who saw me yesterday
And I was wearing a mask to school...
Just a normal fever and I was coughing like mad.. And to prevent all of u people from getting the virus I wear a mask...

But apparently... SOME RUDE F***ing people.. won't understand...
I really want to put names.. So other people will recognize the,...
But I couldn't... Not after an incident that I heard
So now... Im being nice.... GET THE HELL OF MY BACK B****ES

Lets see how u like it
If ur being called H1N1!!!! H1N1!!!! like that..
Yes to those very INCONSIDERATE B****ES... If ur reading this...
A warning to all of you....

You won't like or enjoy it when Im angry...
Someone had once ended up in a hospital bcoz that person had me in their freaking sick rumors... You don't want to know what I've done... That rumor had stated that I was pregnant and I had 'IT' with a freaking stranger??!! B****s get a life....

Okay.. Off with that... Heh heh...
To the people who doesn't have anything to do with the earlier paragraphs before this... I apologize for the inconvenience...

Owh yea.. BTW... Im not referring this to any of my classmates.... Because, even if they call me H1N1.. They understand me and didn't spread it to other classes...

Okay.. 2day was a total drag.. I forgot to bring my Science Subjects books... Chemistry and Physics.. Urgghhh.. I feel like staying at home and sleeping all day 2morrow.. But I can't do that... Sighs... I feel like I was gonna die 2day.. I forgot to bring money.. I forgot to bring water.. Can u believe it? I was actually about to get a gastric attack in class.. But I drank some peoples' water who kindly gave me some after I asked them... I borrowed Ellisa's One buck and dashed off to the Canteen right after EST and after locking the class... I gulped down the whole whole cup of Iced Lemon Tea... So what if i had a sore throat??? I was dehydrating!!! Sighs..

Well once I got back home from school around 2... I had to get ready.. Bcoz my mom is taking my maid to 2 clinics to get her blood checked and all that stuff to renew her passprt.. the thing is My maid hates Needles.. Once she saw the needle (honestly, the needle that my gynecologist had on me to draw out my blood by my WRIST is bigger and To me it doesn't really hurt) on the doctor's hand, She burst out of the room and cried.. I wasn't in the room when she saw the needle.. So I urged her to go in the room back and I'll accompany her this time.. I did... And she screamed when the doctor's nails touched her.. Its not the needle!! Lolz... Yea.. thats how traumatized she is... But I hold on her arms and pinned it down.. Lolz... Haha.. and then I talked to some japanese girls who are in the same clinic.. I spoke in japanese and they replied in English.. I spoke English to them, they replied in Malay.. HAHA... but I spoke in Japanese with them and they replied in Japanese too... Cool!!

They studied in UITM and worked part-time in a japanese restaurant nearby the clinic.. Haha... Amazing you know.. They could speak in Malay and very fluent in it.. more fluent than me.. But of course.. My malay isn't that good anyway.. LOLZ...

My mom promised me to get me some lunch.. ( Yea la.. I skipped lunch soo I could go with my mom and maid... ) Soo, right after the whole thing, I chose to go to KFC!!! Yeay! Haha.. I finally got to taste the Spicy Chicken.. Its not really spicy though.. Lolz...
Yesterday, Afif came to my class.. and he saw the college applications I have on my table and he was like.. "Weiyh.. Ko nk apply sume ke? Jangan la.. Kesian Fahmi.. Nanti die rindu kau.." I was like... LOLing.. Yea la... When I wasn't thinking of him.. Suddenly, Came a person who is like I kenal dari jauh.... And suddenly called out Fahmi's name... Haha.... Well now I know Afif like a bit.. Soo I kinda regret calling him a jerk.. Lolz...

Thats it peeps!
The Loved and The Rebellious,
Amy Ramli<3mfe

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Goodbye Till We Meet Again

On a journey to self discovery,
One must let go of the people one most cared of,
One may realize it is hard to live without them, him/her and others
One must know...
With this action taken... Will the people one most cared of
Realize the disappearance of one...
If the people one most cared of doesn't realize one's disappearance or didn't care about it,
One shall know what to think of...

The forgotten,
Amy Ramli<3mfe

Gomenasai Mina-sa...
Especially to u... ily 4 always... Never forget that...

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Transformers : Revenge Of The Fallen

Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen

I watched the awesome movie today!!!
The movie starts at 5.20 pm and it ends around 8.10 pm
And as I've said.. Its AWESOME!!!!!

Yes People... I admit.. I'm practically a girl who likes robots!!! I m obsessed with Optimus Prime!!! Haha.. Hey... Is this familiar to SUM1???

I was crying when Optimus Prime's Life Source was stabbed... OMG!!! I'm a freak!! LOLZ..
The Matrix saved him!!! Yeay.. 2 bad Sam had to die for a while... But it was totally cool... Bumblebee!!!! The cutest Autobot!!! Optimus Prime!!!! My Crush!! IronHead!!! The Mr. Cool!!! Hehehe!!!! It was damn Awesome!!!

I love You Soo Much Optimus Prime!!!! Owh this is also proof for you FLY.FM crew!!!! We watch Transformers not because of Megan Fox... But because of the Robots... heeee=)

I Love You okay.. Jgn merajuk lagi.... ,
The Animated and The Transformers Lover,
Amy Ramli<3mfe

Friday, July 3, 2009

Hair Cut. 2 times a month.. WTH???

I hate cutting my hair.. it gets shorter.. and this.. its shorter!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its SHOULDER LENGTH this time!! Waaahhh!! I like the fringe though... Below are the pics before, after first haircut and after the latest haircut.. i know their ugly... but no harsh comments kay?

The Hair That I have kept long since form 2 cut a bit here and there but not much laa...

This year's hair... I cut a bit.. I like the lollipop and the other pic is my bday pic... lolz..

These are my pics after i cut it last month around two weeks ago... Heh Heh...

This is my hair now.. I just went a hair salon.. Sighs.. bye2 long hair.... :(

I know.. I look ugly now right? But felt like showing off... Soo yeah.... No harsh comments please? thx....

Thats it whisperers!
Amy Ramli<3mfe

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Tahniah! Anda tidak diterima ke PLKN!

I dun want him to go to PLKN!!!
No! No! No!>.<
No!! No way!!!! Not Him!!! Not Him ever!!!

About my title, yesterday the Spm Students this year got an SMS by the PLKN branch to check whether they are accepted to PLKN or not... Most of my friends got a message that says "Harap Maaf, Anda Tidak Diterima Ke PLKN." which most of them think it should have been like my title up there.. Ooohhh.. I hope he doesn't get accepted... :( ILYTM.... heee=)

To those SPM Students of 2009 who haven't checked their names for acceptance or rejection to PLKN, Below are the instrustions.. Hurry up okay?

1. Type PLKN[space]SEMAK[space](Your IC number without the dashes '-')
2. Send it to 15888
3. Wait till Ur reply comes
4. Your replies will be like this "Tahniah!! Anda Diterima ke PLKN" or like this "Harap Maaf, Anda Tidak Diterima ke PLKN"
5. Good Luck

Urgghh Im sick!!!! I hate it!!!! Im not in school yesterday and today.. Sighs.... I enjoy staying at home.. But i want 2 learn.. I can't believe I'm damn sick... Sighs...

Thats it Peeps!
The Sick and Hating it,
Amy Ramli<3mfe