I Got The Fever

What fever?
The boogie? The flu? The dance?

Nope. Nope and NOPE!

I got the DENGUE FEVER!!

Yeap, just got out of the hospital today! Admitted on the 6th March amd got out today, on the 12th March..
Tell you what, if you're as fat and heavy as me, doctors put you in the HDU because you have extra potential for fatality and complications.
For example:- I get Dengue-Induced- Hepatitis..

It ain't pretty or comfy.. everything going through my throat feels like alcohol to my liver.. urgghh..

Dengue fever is happening again in USJ 4.. So far, theres been 12 cases in the past 2 weeks including mine, here in USJ 4..
I cleaned my room, my backyard (ish) and my front lawn(ish) ** FYI the ish is for the terms I  used to describe the front and back area of my house.

I'm sure the USJ 4 community meeting this weekend is about the dengue fever cases piling up.
Hopefully they decide to have a GOTONG ROYONG to help minimalize the amount of future cases.

Good Night,
Sweet Dreams,


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