Pain in Discovery

Hey, whats that?
*bends down to pick up something*
Ouch! *drops object*
Object fell to the floor and blood oozing out *Breathes Deeply*

Once upon a time,
When pain comes,
I have my mom or dad's hug,
and their attention

But now years have passed through
I sit alone on the floor and try to find something to stop my bleedin'
I soo wish my parents are here too
To say its alright

But since that day had passed..
That day when my results came out..
Silence can say disapproval..
I can feel their hate just behind my back..

*sighs* I'm sorry..
Now I just watch my blood ooze out and let it be...
Coz I know that nothing is much more painful than rejection from yr family~

Amy Ramli


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