Is He Sad?

After i got my results, I immediately called mommy and daddy..
They were shocked! And congratulate me :)
After that, I called Mon Amour.. which he didn't pick >w< and I saw his brother on9 and asked him to wake him up.. (if this wasn't an important news he would have killed me for doing that XD)
Anyways, bro 2 told me that he wants me to call his phone.. I did and he told me he just woke up.. (Duhh, that was easy to anticipate xD) anyways..

When I told him the news, he was like.. "Owh.. (silence for 2 secs) OMG! Congrats!" I was listening the whole time, and I couldn't help but suspect that he's sad that I'm leaving... :/
Is that true?
What does that mean? :/

Confused and Still Trying to Figure It Out

Amy Ramli


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