Valentine's Day 2014

Well, it's 2014..

Hmm.. I would have to say worst Valentine's Day ever.. So far.. 
We started the day with a good morning as usual.. And then it took a turn for the worst.. A few nights before the day I got a little insecure and start to question and got curious about this girl.. That always comments and likes his status whenever he posted something on FB.. It didn't bother me before.. I mean it's just a like and comments right?

Never really given it any thought.. 'Til a few days ago.. Then I remembered a time while we broke up around 3-4 years ago.. He told me he sort of liked someone.. And I start to wonder if it's true.. So yesterday, on Valentine's Day.. I asked him.. 

Who is M?
She's my friend. 
Why do you ask?
I got a little insecure
What made you feel a little insecure?
A pretty girl commented on your status.. Haha
Hehe, hmm.. if i tell you something, would you be mad?
She's the one you had a crush on right?(my heart was beating like crazy, right then)
Back in foundation, when we had our break up, she's the only one I had feelings for after you..

My heart stopped, pain surrounds me.. He confirmed it.. It's like a stabbing pain to my chest.. Let it be known on record that, that is the first time, I, Amy Ramli. cried during daylight, infront of my roommates, while I was watching Madagascar 3 on my laptop, in that room..

And of course, being a guy.. He tried to explain.. Made things worst.. Made me cry harder.. He said "she's the only one I think about after you" I saw "I only think about her and her alone during that 6months" that night, when he called me to see if things are alright.. 

He said that my tone is scary.. Like something's wrong.. I was trying so hard to keep things in.. So that he can't see it bothers me.. But of course in the end.. We both cried.. And I made things worse by telling him that during that breakup, I dated someone else and cheated on that person with someone else as well.. and of course that just made things worse.. I can't believe it.. But Owh well, it's just another day right? Sighs.. 

Worst Valentine's Day on record of my life.. 

Signing off,
Amy Ramli


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