The Talk

I've been thinking..
Yesterday, 24th July, Xeon was starting 'The Talk' .. When he started the words..
Lately, I just messed them up.. Just trying to mess up the convo so that it won't go anywhere..

In the end, I mess things up again..
Because, I want to..
I'm afraid..
Of falling too hard again...Of getting hurt again..
Of loving too much again...

After an argument and a debate with Dee and Nee-chan.. They said I should give him a chance..

The future can't be seen nor controlled.. All we can do is plan, and hope for the best..
Every girl always fall too hard for a guy.. Thats why we get hurt.. It's always been like that..
You can't keep hiding/avoiding him forever! Sooner or later you WILL have 'The Talk' .... Stop being a coward and just listen to him!

Words can't describe how much these words actually affected my sleep last night... But I thought about it... I have been avoiding 'The Talk' ever since I got hurt.. Actually I told them that I'm fine with whatever this is.. This form of relationship that says we're not dating but we're talking on the phone everyday.. We comfort each other in times of sadness.. We go out together.. I'm fine with this.. I just don't want this to fall to the ground...

But they're right.. I have to face this one day..

Here I go!
Amy Ramli


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