Another Boring Day

If only my life is exciting like in the farm.. i dun mind working hard.. i dun mind breaking any nails.. Coz I'm the adventorous type... If only... I live in a barn in Australia.. Where horses run... Ahh.. What a life.. 2 ride on one of them.. Also when the wind blows it feels like a new life entered.. Its amazing.. If riding a motorcycle is refreshing, its better 2 be on a horse... its kinda amazing....

Today is just another boring day... Day by day.. it grows more boring....

hmm... What should I do later?
Boredom... Read magz?
Read Novels?
Write a poem?
Continue with my novel?(no inspiration)
Call frenz?(dun have anything else to do is it?)
Playing games? (could be)

Any more suggestions?


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