Worriable.. NOT!

Dang... I wish I'm one of those girls who are easily worried about...
But I guess I'm not..
I wish i was easily worried..
Would feel loved a bit...
Not here i guess... Sometimes I wonder... How long would it take for a person to miss me...
Usually as a normal person her bf would miss her in 6 hours or less

Guess my bf isn't the type who misses his gf easily..
I didn't call him yesterday coz of me breathing in a new life thats angry, sick and having a headache...
Angry bcoz of him
sick bcoz of the rain
Headache bcoz of thinking 2 much

When I asked him "Were you worried?"
The reply is "no..."

Now.. that is... just... surprising..
and disappointing... *SIGHS*

I'm worriable.. NOT!
*sigh heavily in disappointment*


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