Breathing In A Different New Life 2day

Everyday I wake up and say " Ahh.. It's a new day...",
Everytime I get off my bed and enter my bathroom I feel a breeze blowing up to my face
Everytime after a shower and after changing I always say "The new day is beginning"
I thank god for giving me another day to live
I had breakfast and read the newspaper thinking of what I'm going to do today
I took a deep breath and Breath in A New Life that is Happy, Light and Loved
and do what I planned to do 2day....

But today, I breathe in a new life that is Angry, Sick and Having A Massive Headache
Different than the new life i usually breathe in
I guess its because of yesterday....

I know I'm sick because of yesterday
And I'm having a massive headache
Eventhough I'm still a little bit angry
Now I'm just sick... Because I know I Miss You...
I don't know what happened... Because yesterday.. it wasn't raining... Until 6.30 pm
Around there or later

Its either you forgot... Or you really can't go... Or u'r sick...
Any of the above is accepted
But if you just want to go...
We have a matter to discuss...

This matter might have cause my day to gloom...
But I'm just sick right now...
I can't get mad or think straight
I might just go to sleep and forget yesterday..

But right now.. I just miss you.... And I Love You
I'm sick..
So now... I'm going to sleep...


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