I'm sorry

OMG!!! I'm sooo sorry!! It's been like a month since I last posted the latest post...
Hws it goin everyone? Exams passed
Results received
I m going to say... I did REALLY BAD
Wanna hear my results?


Chemistry: 34% - E8
Physics: 36% - E8
Add Maths: 16% - F8
Mod Maths: 61% - B4
English: 78% - A1
Bahasa Melayu: 49% - D6
History: 28% - E8
ICT: Unknown*
Agama: 51% - C5
EST: 76% - A1


Sivik: 70% - A2
Pendidikan Jasmani: Unknown*

[*] = Will be updated ASAP once I get the results... I promise...

Neways.. In school 2day.... Daryl, The Class Clown teased my dearest frenz... Tan Shane Lee and Lim Yen Li.. Coz they're a couple now.. SOOO HAPPY FOR U GUYS!!!! U guys are sooo Kawaai!!!! Ganbate! And me, when He saw my so-called-boyfriend**, Fahmi, enter the library during his lunch break... I miss him.. Since he went to Monash University yesterday... I haven't called him since... I'll call him 2nite I guess..

Y not call him now u ask? Oii... Never heard of people having tuition ahhh??....

Thats it peeps
Amy Ramli<3mfe


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