Owh Sunday

I called him a lot yesterday.. and 2day.. Still in kampung.
And I have to attend a wedding.. In PINK BAJU KURUNG..

I'm not a fan of a whole pink outfit okay... I freaking hate it!!!!!!!!! Well.. Now I got back from the wedding I didn't take much pictures..
1. because the bride/groom haven't arrived yet.
2. I dunno them..
3. Not much to take anyway..

At 3.00 pm I got home.. Soo.. Here I am blogging while doing my ICT folio.. i sympathize Fahmi.. He's sick&won't come 2 school 2morrow... But he helped for my conclusion!!! ILYSM FAHMI!!!<3
Okay.. Cassandra gave me some changes and so does Shane.. Im done! I'm Finally DONE!!! Deadlines tomorrow anyway... LOLZ...

Thanks soo much to:
1. Cassandra Leong
2. Tan Shane Lee
3. Mohd Fahmi Ezzuddin bin Hishanudin(For doing my conclusion which I suck at.. 4 me.. ILYSM)
4. Shana Shafiza(for entertaining me while doing my folio)

Thats it Heart Listeners,
Amy Ramli<3mfe


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